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Design your own biker t-shirts to get that unique look you always wanted

Customized or personalized shirts are commonly available at both online and traditional brick-and-mortar stores these days. But the downside to these clothing items is that they are far too expensive. The solution for people interested in customized biker shirts lies in designing them on your own. To create that amazing shirt, all that you need is your shirt, your artwork, your paints and your personalized shirt would be ready for you to put it on.

Custom shirts meant for bikers are just what you need to get your message across and let the world know what you are all about. The best thing is that personalizing this clothing item by yourself at home is extremely easy. To get things started, you need to get yourself a plain shirt that can easily be bought from a big and tall shop Dubai. Look through your cupboard and see if you have one already. If not, then head out to the store where you usually get your clothes from and purchase one. Remember, the shirt should either be plain white, or in a soft color that can be used as a base.

Moving on, the next thing that you need is fabric paint. Get to the stores and figure out which colors you wish to use on your personalized shirt. Make sure that you do not choose paper color as that is surely going to destroy your clothes. Fabric colors, as obvious, are meant to be used over fabrics so these are not affected by washing or ironing. Once you have got yourself both these items, return back home and go through the internet to find some of the coolest designs around. What interests people most is that they can come up with their own designs as well. If this is the case, then just grab yourself a pencil and paper and draw out a rough sketch just so you can work out how it would look on your shirt.

Instead of focusing on lots of designs and coming up with various drawings, you can even just place text over your custom biker shirt. The options in terms of design over these shirts are limitless even at stores that deal in dresses for plus size. Go through as many of them as you can and then decide which one you wish to go for. Now that you have worked out which design you wish to have on your shirt, use the pencil to draw out the same design or sketch or write whatever text you have chosen over your shirt. Once the outline is made, all you need to do is get your fabric color out and start filling in the outline on your biker shirts. When the painting is completed, all you need to do is let it dry out for a while and then iron the back of the painted portion for it to look neat.