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A few medicine ball exercises that you seriously need to perform

Medicine balls are commonly available these days in multiple weights and sizes. These are basically weighted spheres that are particularly meant to help you enhance your sports performance and add to your muscle power. If you truly want to enhance your overall athletic ability, then it is highly recommended for you to throw and catch these balls, and stick to impacting medicine ball exercises and movements.

Now, when you get down to performing medicine ball exercises along with your diet for weight loss Dubai, you are sure to realize that these largely tend to depend on your fitness level and intensity. For this reason, it is best for you to just focus on three sets of 10-15 reps. However, if you are more so interested in speed performance and power, then you can take it up a notch with 5 sets of around 5 reps. While you are at it, don’t forget to apply intensive speed and force into every single rep. Now, let’s give out a bit of information about the different medicine ball exercises that you can perform:

Exercise # 1: Lunge with twist
In order to perform this medicine ball exercise, you would basically need to engage your core. For this, just stand with your shoulders relaxed with your feet hip width apart. Now, get your hands on your medicine ball, and hold it at a bit of a distance away from your chest. The next thing that you need to do is to perform a lunge using the right leg. Remember that the lunge needs to be deep, and that your front thigh is placed parallel with the floor. Now, extend your arms and move the medicine ball to the right arm, while rotating your torso. With your lunge maintained, return to the center. While standing, perform another lunge with your other leg. The twist needs to be performed for about 10-12 reps on every side.

Exercise # 2: Squat, Press and Throw
With your heels properly grounded, just assume a squat position. Work your way through the heels so as to leap forward, and give the ball a straight up throw as far as it can reach. However, make sure that you reach out of the way when the ball comes down. When the ball drops to the floor, press it for about 10-12 reps.  Pair these exercises with healthy food delivery in Dubai and you are good to lose weight.