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Applying for a new citizenship or changing your migration status can take long. Depending on the situation, it can take from months to years. And because of unforeseen circumstances, there could be delays. This situation frustrates most of the clients and opt to stop the processing midway. And would-be clients are often discouraged with stories of application processing delays.

But if you are keen on making this happen, you can hasten the process of your migration application. Here are some simple hacks from the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai that you can follow:

  1. Prepare all the necessary papers

Do some research to know what are the documents you will need when processing your migration application. List them all down and check the papers you have in your possession. Cross out the documents from the list if you already have them. For the papers you don’t have yet, make time to get and process them. Photocopy and scanned all the papers and keep them on your safe.


Major cause of delays are incomplete documents. Be sure to submit complete papers to cut the processing time.


  1. Be sure to provide the correct information

Some of the migration application are being returned or denied due to incorrect information.

In this case, the applicants would have to reapply again and begin the new process. Getting back on square one can screw up your timeline. So be sure to provide the correct data and information on your application. Once you fill up the form, double check each field and see if you wrote down the correct information. If you are not sure of your entries, have someone checked it for you like an immigration lawyer Dubai.


  1. Know the process

Missing a step can cause enormous delays. It would not hurt to know the step-by-step process. By knowing each step, you can easily provide what is needed and make preparations if necessary.


  1. Be financially prepared

One of the major reasons why most applicants stop midway is because of financial constraint. There are also some locations that require some of the applicant to be financially capable for them to approve their application. Know your financial capability and ask if your financial status is appropriate to the country or location of your liking.


  1. Get a reliable immigration processing company

Some migration applicants prefer to do it alone which is okay. But having an expert that already know the ins and outs of the business can cut the time and speed up the process. These experts know the laws and can guide you on the correct way of processing your prepare. Aside from cutting the time, they can also save you from the hassles and stress of processing.